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Solution Operation Services provide implementation assistance and operations planning that cover the entire of spectrum of issues encountered throughout the product lifecycle. Key capabilities include:

Architecture planning Includes plans of system architecture. Addresses issues such as design of system landscape, degree of centralization, and network topology

Implementation services Assist with conceptualization and the technical implementation of business processes

Custom development Provides custom-developed solutions specifically designed to suit your unique environment

Systems integration Uses the SAP open architecture to integrate your existing systems with SAP solutions. Assists with integration of complex environments and multiple systems

Operations planning Plans daily running of systems, including infrastructure planning, software change management, and systems change management

Optimization services Assist with capacity planning, configuration management, performance optimization, system upgrade, and migration. Offer system and core business processes reviews, featuring standardized solution management optimization services. These services are available for business process performance optimization, business process management, interface management, data management and archiving, SQL statement optimization, customer program optimization, storage subsystem optimization, and system administration.





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